Saturday, August 8, 2009

"5 Steps To Becoming A Working Actor!"

At the place where I have my weekly acting class, there are several other classes/workshops going on. Outside of one such workshop, I found a bulletin listing the following "5 Steps To Becoming A Working Actor!" Here goes the list (followed by my commentary in parentheses):

1) Do a casting director workshop every week or acting class to keep your audition and acting skills sharp! (seems like sound advice so far...)

2) Have a few casting directors who know you, like your work, and will call you in. (ohhh, why didn't I think of that?! yes. "have" some CD's that like you. hmm, how does one just go about "having" such casting director fans? that might be the more helpful info...)

3) Get an agent that will send you out. (again, this wonderfully helpful list makes something that is actually a monumental task -- just getting ANY agent, much less one that will send you out -- seem like you just snap your fingers and there it is.)

4) Have a great picture that looks like you, represents who you are, and matches your essence. (finally, another worthwhile recommendation, though I think this should be step 1 or 2 since without it, there is NO WAY you can achieve steps 2 or 3...)

5) Stay positive and create your own luck. (well, this shouldn't be too hard if you've managed to get to this step. I think it's much more difficult to stay positive when don't "have" a few casting directors, nor an agent. once you have that stuff, if you can't stay positive...well, I think you are in the wrong business.)

There you go: Becoming an Actor in 5 Easy Steps. Oh, and if this particular list actually works for any of you, please let me know!

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