Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Fit for Malibu?

Had another fitting audition today up in Malibu. I won't extol again the virtues of getting paid to fit clothes, suffice it to say I'd be very happy with the gig. It is usually nice to drive out to Mailbu, though it's a good 45 minutes even when traffic is good. But, today was rainy and that makes people here drive like idiots. In fact, on the way home, I was stuck on the 10 for a good half-hour longer than I should have been on there because of a three-car accident that had shut down two lanes (see picture). Ugh.

In any case, this whole 3-hour sojourn was really for just 1 minute of time at the apparel place. I put on one pair of jeans and then left. Still, if they call and book me, it will all be worth it...

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