Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stand and Deliver...Lines

A couple weeks ago I got a call from a place I do quite a bit of work for -- they asked me to audition to be Alec Baldwin's stand-in for his next round of Capital One commercials.  The commercials are fast-paced with a lot of dialogue and all about timing, so they wanted to be sure whomever was standing-in could handle that.  They sent me a script and I went to read the next day in Santa Monica, meeting a few other gentleman up for the same part...

Well, I ended up getting the job and worked 4 days last week -- two days to rehearse the two spots and set-up lighting/movement, and two days to shoot with THE MAN.  We shot at Sony Studios and on location in Long Beach. It was a great gig; I even got to work on a Saturday (which means a double rate!) -- I hope they will ask me back next time!


  1. Nice, Boehmer! Has he left you any angry voice mails since the job? ;)

  2. Thanks pal!

    Ha, no! But he was often on his phone and that was all I could think about...


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