Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Getting Settled & Celebrity Spotting

As many of you know, I moved out to the land of sun and movies earlier this month. I am slowly getting settled in my studio apartment which happens to be the remodeled former servants' quarters in a large, brick pre-WWII home at the foot of the hills in Los Feliz. Los Feliz, my neighborhood, is in northeast Los Angeles and just east of Hollywood. The owner of my place is a nice lady, a retired USC professor, and I've met my neighbors - the estate is actually divided into 4 separate 'apartments', so there are a few neighbors on the property - and a cat named Mae Rose who often wanders into my place to get her belly rubbed.

My first quasi-celebrity sighting: Last night, Gina and I went to a screening of "Lars and the Real Girl" at the Vista - a giant old-school style theater in the neighborhood with throbbing bass whose inside looks like a Pharoah's tomb - and I look over and Chris Parnell of SNL Lazy Sunday and Anchorman fame is sitting a few seats down from us. He applauded loudly before the film when they played the well-worn concession stand/popcorn/fizzy soda circa 1980's short trailer - funny stuff, that Mr. Parnell.

At dinner the other night, my friend Levin told me that I will see people that I recognize and try to place where I know them from - home? college? Chicago? - only to eventually realize I saw them on TV or in a movie I just saw. Should be interesting and amusing as I wonder if that guy that just walked by was in my fifth grade class or if I just saw him on "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?"

Now, I need to get to work. I'm enrolled in a 5 day acting intensive next week, but after that if anybody has any leads on work out here, please let me know! ;)

Anyway, I hope to keep this blog up to date, though since I still have yet to get consistent internet access at my abode, updates may be spotty for awhile. Oh, and as soon as I do get better access, I will post some pics. Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like you're doing well. That is good to hear. I don't have any leads on work in L.A. sorry. Keep up the "blog-thing" I think its cool

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  3. I came across your blog searching for when the new season of Joe Millionaire comes out. Turns out there isn't much else out on the web. If you see Mark L. Walberg again would you mind asking if a new season is in the works?

  4. Great to hear you're enjoying L.A.
    Time for r-ball? Probably not.

    Saw a great film: The Straight Story...Lynch directed, 1999.****

    Does L.A. have a touring production of Jersey Boys? Saw it here last nite. Awesome!

    Take care, Jimary


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