Monday, November 5, 2012

Thinking Outside the Industry

I found out that the Ricki Lake episode they were planning to shoot this week has been postponed until December, so stay tuned as far as that goes...

As it happens, I was telling the Ricki Lake producer that I think one of the most important things for actors/writers to do when they come to LA is to get involved with something completely OUTSIDE of the industry -- whether it be a gym, book club, hiking, knitting group, whatever.  It helps to keep career things in perspective... 

For me, one of those outside things has been softball.  Through playing, I have found a competitive outlet, manged to keep (a little bit) fit, and met some of my best friends out here.  This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a really, really good team.  An amazing group of guys, a long day of games, and finally success!  We defended our title from last summer (in matching shirts this time!) and will be rewarded with "Glendale Tourney Champs" hoodies.


  1. Is that Jonny Gomes second from the left in the bottom row?! No wonder you guys won (and congrats)... ;)

  2. ha! thanks, pal. no major leaguers -- though a few guys are "majors" softball players (i.e. very, very good)

    incidentally, my friend Chris (in the goatee next to me) played against Jack Wilson in a league game last week. apparently, the dude has no problems smashing underhanded pitching...


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